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Sports & Gym Shoes

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Training Shoes for the Gym & Weightlifting

Save your sneakers for the street, your running shoes for the track and train like a machine in our range of gym shoes designed specifically for weightlifting, HIIT and strength training.

What is a Training Shoe?

adidas training shoes are created with 3 pillars of fit in mind - stability, durability and cushioning. Unlike a traditionally light running shoe which aims to support your foots natural shape and provide energy return, gym shoes look to hold you stable and strong through your heavy lifting and power movements. In general, they are heavier with a more sturdy sole to provide optimal stability, whilst still maintaining the cushioning of a running shoe. Suitable activities include:

1. Powerlifting & Weightlifting

2. HIIT training

3. Functional Training

4. Cross Training

Our Range of adidas Training Shoes

Specifically constructed to withstand the various surfaces found in a gym, field or studio, adidas gym trainers are designed with a robust outsole for increased sturdiness to ensure as well as mid and side forefoot support for explosive side-to-side movements.

The shoes vary slightly depending on the purposes and training, as the men's weightlifting shoes are designed for the kind of stability you need as the load increases, whilst the women's Crazypower have a wider forefoot to let you spread your toes for solid footing. The multifunctional training shoes such as a CrazyTrain or CrazyMove bring cushioned comfort to your barbell squats and jumping lunges, to have you training at your peak time after type.